Pioneering work: over 60 years of experience

Inspired investigative spirit, unshakeable belief, and the courage to implement his ideas – these were the characteristics that characterized our company founder, Prof. Dr. med. Karl Eugen Theurer. His vision still plays a decisive role in shaping our company today. His open mind led him to the areas of genetics and developmental biology. As a physician, Prof. Dr. med. Karl Eugen Theurer thought about their importance for everyday medicine – eventually developing the pathbreaking biomolecular vitOrgan therapy (BvT).

Tradition from someone you can trust

Bound by tradition! vitOrgan was founded by physician and visionary Dr. med. K.E. Theurer in 1954, and remains an independent family company even today. The company is well equipped for the future based on its specialised expertise and potential for development. Prof. Dr. Karl Eugen Theurer was always ahead of his time – an ambitious pioneer inspired by an inquiring mind and heart, putting his ideas into practice with unshakable courage and conviction. His will and spirit have left their mark on the company until today. Biomolecular vitOrgan Therapy makes use of natural regulatory and metabolically active molecular cytoplasmic substances which serve to stabilise the processes which have become imbalanced by disease. Causal treatment of the patient is enabled in such a way.

Pioneer and Philosopher

During his medical studies in Freiburg, Prof. Dr. med. Karl Eugen Theurer was seen to shine with promising new ideas. His ability to always observe situations from a different angle enabled him to exploit new potentials.

His work in the fields of genetics and developmental biology together with his teacher Otto Mangold, the zoologist and former student of Hans Spemann, played a decisive role in shaping his future. He was fascinated in particular by the topics of regulation and regeneration. This is where he saw his future – a ground-breaking decision whereby Theurer crossed the boundaries of science to consider the significance of developmental biology in day-to-day medical therapy. Bridging the gap between both disciplines, he laid the foundation for his concept of Biomolecular vitOrgan Therapy (BvT).