Biomolecular vitOrgan Therapy (BvT) has been the number one success story – for over 60 years.

It bridges the gap between orthodox and alternative medicine. It utilises natural, regulatory and metabolically active molecular cell substances which are found both in humans and animals to treat disease, by physiologically stabilising the processes which have become imbalanced – thereby providing patients not only with symptomatic, but also causal treatment.

Regulating rather than blocking.

That is the central principle of vitOrgan therapy: treating individuals in their entirety by applying holistic and comprehensive reasoning. Accordingly, individual metabolic processes are not simply blocked or substituted in the manner conceived by orthodox medicine, but rather used in a regulatory manner: by setting the body's own self-healing mechanisms in motion. Sometimes stimulation is required. However, suppression may also be necessary – such as in the case of excessive immune reactions. The vitOrgan preparations, with their corresponding effects, are used to this aim. Patients are basically released from their "passivity" and become actively involved in the healing process. The power lies within us: it simply needs to be awakened. By applying the appropriate stimuli, cells which are no longer able to adapt to the demands of their environment – be it the result of a pathological condition or aging – can again make use of their maximum possible metabolic and/or synthesis capacity.

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Biomolecular vitOrgan Therapy