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"The power of our cells®"– relevant for over 60 years

Here’s how biomolecular vitOrgan therapy works:

Biomolecular vitOrgan therapy (BvT) regenerates cell structures by biologically vitalising them. On the one hand, BvT dissolves negative changes in our cells while activating their molecular-biological functions.

Why a healthy cellular metabolism is important:

Our bodies consist of billions of cells, and those cells need to function smoothly. If our cellular metabolism is healthy, the entire organism is healthy. But in case the functions of body cells get disturbed, this may cause illnesses. If only the symptoms get suppressed, the underlying disease may get established and, even, deteriorate. Therefore, it is crucial to treat the cause. This is exactly where biomolecular vitOrgan therapy steps in.
The focus of treatment in BvT is to correct the cause, which lies in our cells. That’s why BvT therapy can not only help keep brain cells healthy, but also pep up weak immune cells and help with age-related cardiovascular diseases, gastrointestinal complaints, and motor system issues.

Two months instead of three times a day:

BvT therapy offers long-term effects; final results will be seen little by little after six to eight weeks of treatment. The benefit of this is that you don’t have to remember to take pills all the time. Another benefit of BvT: If you compare the pills taken over a period of six months or a year, vitOrgan compounds are often the less expensive method.

Long-term experience of our therapists:

vitOrgan compounds are produced in a safe and pure manner, based on a patented process. Their effectiveness and tolerability have been confirmed by decades of experience among our therapists. Treated patients frequently become more active and enjoy better performance. Memory problems, difficulty concentrating, listlessness, depression, anxiety, fear, sleeping problems, headaches, dizziness, fatigue, and loss of appetite improve. There are no known side effects.

Current treatment costs:

Ask your treating physician for a therapy plan and submit it to your health insurance company. Supplementary insurance plans, private health insurance companies, and some statutory health insurance companies will accept the costs of biomolecular vitOrgan therapy.