Bach flower organ complexes by Innovapharm

Our subsidiary company Innovapharm offers the ideal complement to the vitOrgan therapy with its organ extracts, by making its Bach flowers organ complex series available. This has given us the occasion to combine Bach flower essences with organ extracts. This way, our Bach flowers organ complexes are unique and incomparable.

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Bach flower complexes

with specially prepared organ extracts

Body and soul in balance

The drop mixes of the Innovapharm company were put together by Dr. K.G. Theurer, MD, with Bach flowers and specially prepared organ extracts for the respective sentimental situations. The specially prepared organ extract is beneficial for the heart, the liver, the kidneys and the entire body.

The principle:
Bach flower organ complexes appeal to the "ethereal - subtle component" of humans - biomolecular organ extracts appeal to the "somatic component", since they strengthen the involved organs.

Bach flowers, by Dr. E. Bach

The English physician E. Bach was convinced that certain flowers have the power to exert a positive influence on mental

He developed 38 unique essences from flowers and spring water (rock water). Thus was born the Bach flowers method. One essence = one specific emotion. He also developed a special mix from 5 different flowers, the so-called "emergency mix".

Dr. E. Bach’s research led to the awareness that disorders of emotional balance are the true causes of body sicknesses. E. Bach believed that his Bach flowers activate self-healing forces.

Interview with Dr. Theurer, MD

Dr. Karl Georg Theurer, MD, giving an interview to the health magazine of apotal tv, regarding the subject of "Bach flowers with organ extract" of the vitOrgan subsidiary Innovapharm.

Bach flowers flyer of Innovapharm 

You can always order the complete flyer from us, at no cost. Contact

You can see an excerpt from our Bach flowers flyer here.

Bach flowers flyer of Innovapharm 

You can always order the complete flyer from us, at no cost. Contact

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