D drops

The liver is our central organ of metabolism being responsible, above all, for detoxification and energy balance. In times of fasting or dieting, it is able to break down fats, making the necessary glucose available. Liver and kidneys work hand-in-hand in excretion and detoxification processes: The liver transforms toxic substances in such a way, so that they can be excreted by the kidneys.

D drops - Bach flower complex with biomolecular organ extracts

Organ extracts: Liver and kidneys


7 Chestnut BudThe change flower
10 Crab AppleThe flower of body acceptance
12 GentianThe flower of the power of faith
17 HornbeamThe flower of easiness
18 ImpatiensThe patience flower

Our D drops carry the green colour, the colour of endurance and nature, giving us calm and strength and continuously changing at the same time and renewing, again and again.

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