G drops

As a paired organ, kidneys are gladly seen as representing the partnership domain. Lust and sexuality are mainly driven by hormones. In humans, the greatest part of the male sexual hormone comes from the testes, a smaller part is produced by the adrenal glands. Testosterone, which is also present in women in lesser amounts increases, among others, sexual impulse and desire.

G drops - Bach flower complex with biomolecular organ extracts

Organ extracts: Kidneys and testes


19 LarchThe serenity flower
18 ImpatiensThe flower of love of life
21 MustardThe flower of regeneration
23 OliveThe flower of self-acceptance
24 PineThe flower of let-go
25 Red ChestnutThe flower of time

The drops on the package of our G drops are of the violet colour, the colour of sexuality.

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