Regena Ney - Cosmetics with natural active ingredients

Action that can be felt and seen®

For everybody’s skin, the ageing process starts with loss of moisture. Wrinkles appear and the skin loses elasticity and resilience. Harmful environmental influences and free radicals accelerate the ageing process. The skin becomes rough, cracked, wrinkly and saggy.

We can support the repair mechanisms of the skin by means of the specially prepared cell extracts by Regena Ney Natural Active Ingredients Care. Thereby, we activate the skin’s own healthy processes and strengthen the skin cells.

The natural active ingredients cosmetic care was developed by us through a patented procedure and is an innovation in Dermatology. The unique cell extracts of Natural Active Ingredients Care support the skin during all phases of its renewal and strengthen it against the consequences of ageing and harmful environmental effects.

Our promise of quality to you

100 % natural skin care, for totally specific skin needs

NeySkin® Day

A cream full of energy, for daytime hours

NeySkin® Day, with the high-grade energy complex consisting of coenzyme Q10, argan oil, shea butter and cell extract.

NeySkin® Night

The night-time cream for every skin type, rich in active ingredients

NeySkin® Night with ethereal lavender oil ensures that, during sleep, the skin is able to regenerate, to detoxify and recover.

NeySkin® Cutana

Fresh, anti-ageing, moisturising care

NeySkin® Cutana with coenzyme Q10, refreshes and activates energy production by the skin cells and prevents the formation of wrinkles, acting in an intensively moisturising manner.

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