NeySkin® Cutana with coenzyme Q10

The fresh, anti-ageing, moisturising care for You and Him

NeySkin® Cutana with coenzyme Q10, refreshes and activates energy production by the skin cells and prevents the formation of wrinkles, acting in an intensively moisturising manner.

Active ingredients

  • Naturally pure, ethereal chamomile oil contains the inflammation inhibitor substance bisabolol, soothing and providing skin care, while moisture-binding agents counteract the skin ageing process.
  • Calendula oil stimulates dermatology regulation, soothes the skin and provides the optimal preparation for the upcoming regeneration phase.
  • Lemon grass ensures a refreshing skin feeling and a well-moisturised skin.
  • Specially prepared cell extracts support the power of cell renewal by means of their repair-stimulating mechanism, preventing premature skin ageing.

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