NeySkin® Night with ethereal lavender oil

The night-time cream for every skin type, rich in active ingredients

NeySkin® Night with ethereal lavender oil ensures that, during sleep, the skin is able to regenerate, to detoxify and recover. 

Active ingredients

  • Biological olive oil preserves upper skin moisture and ensures taut contours.
  • High-grade chamomile oil soothes the skin and moisture-binding factors counteract premature skin ageing.
  • Shea butter lipids contain epithelial vitamin A and cell-protective vitamin E. Vitamin A stimulates formation of new skin cells and collagen, thus improving skin elasticity. Vitamin E causes an increase of the moisture content of the skin.
  • Essences from bee wax provide durable care for low-moisture skin.
  • High-concentration coenzyme Q10 supports cell metabolism.
  • Specially prepared cell extracts support the power of cell renewal by means of their repair-stimulating mechanism, preventing premature skin ageing.

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