The Neydent® dental care system

The Neydent® dental care system

This natural dental care system was developed in the laboratories of the vitOrgan Medications Group of Companies, by a patented procedure, aiming at the long-lasting preservation of your teeth and your precious gums.

It consists of two components: NeyDent® – biological toothpaste and NeyParadent® liposome - biologically active against gum problems

Neydent® toothpaste

Our teeth – a prized possession – are most at threat from the ills of civilisation. Cleaning the teeth, as an obvious part of the daily hygiene routine, is not enough for maintaining their health. At the same time we require formative, regenerative and protective substances for building up resistance as well as counteracting the ageing process in the teeth and gums.

Neydent® Natur Zahncreme 

Homöopathieverträgliche Zahncreme mit natürlichen Inhaltsstoffen. Das Besondere an NeyDent® Natur Zahnpasta ist die sorgfältig aufeinander abgestimmte Komposition bewährter organotropher Wirkstoffe und wertvoller natürlicher Bestandteile. Die NeyDent® Natur Zahnpasta ist frei von Fluorid.

NeyParadent® Liposome Mouth Drops

Biologically active against gum problems.
NeyParadent® Liposome Oral Drops provide you with a means to strengthen the oral mucosa in a natural way. 

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