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Human biomolecular vitOrgan therapy

Regulating rather than blocking...

Biomolecular vitOrgan Therapy makes use of natural regulatory and metabolically active organic substances which serve to stabilise the processes which have become imbalanced by disease.

The human body is made up of billions of cells. As long as structure, metabolism and function of these cells are not disturbed, the body is healthy. But in case the functions of body cells get disturbed, this may cause illnesses. Then, if only the symptoms get suppressed, the underlying disease may get established and, even, deteriorate.
Therefore, it is crucial to treat the cause. In this respect, the biomolecular vitOrgan therapy allows us to intervene in a helpful way. The treatment principle lies in the stimulation of self-healing processes, by providing essential molecular organ substances in a natural, unaltered and immediately active form.

This way, a diseased organ may be repaired and regenerated, being able to further serve its purpose. This is achieved for the specific organ and, finally, for the entire body, by normalizing and regulating individual cells.
Completely along the line:
Heart heals heart, kidney heals kidney, organ heals organ.

Injektion bei Knieschmerzen, Knorpelschäden und Arthrose

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