Biolifting by Professor Rothschild, MD

BIOLIFTING is a scientifically-based, holistic method, based on the biomolecular vitOrgan therapy.

  • Biolifting by Professor Rothschild, MD, is the natural healing practice answer to the human need to counter age-related skin changes.
  • Biolifting by Professor Rothschild, MD: Micro-injections of biomolecules of the biomolecular vitOrgan therapy . VitOragn preparations are used in a directed manner, strengthening the skin and the connective tissue. The preparations, which are adapted to each other, support a natural regeneration of cells, in particular of the musculature, the connective tissue and the skin. The endogenous regeneration processes are thus stimulated.
  • Biolifting by Professor Rothschild, MD: Injection under the wrinkles with the chosen individual content of the vitOrgan ampoules - usually, 6-8 sessions, one week apart form each other. Individual lifestyle (alcohol consumption, smoking, sun exposure etc.) plays a big role here.
  • Biolifting by Professor Rothschild, MD, has the advantage of a lasting effect. This means that the final result sets in gradually, approximately six to eight weeks after completion of treatment.
  • Biolifting by Professor Rothschild, MD, supports endogenous regeneration processes, causing, as a combination of measures, a significant reduction of wrinkles and skin rejuvenation in men and women.

Use the he experience of vitOrgan...

...and, with biolifting by Professor Rothschild, MD, fulfill your wish for fresh looks and attractiveness. A particular advantage of this rejuvenation regimen is that no uncontrolled changes are performed on the skin, having an unnatural or fake effect. Revitalization takes place inside the cell.


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