Veterinary biomolecular vitOrgan therapy

The bright idea of developing the Biomolecular vitOrgan Therapy came to Dr Karl Eugen Theurer during his research into the field of veterinary medicine. From the very beginning he recognised the mutually beneficial potentials of human and veterinary medicine, and cultivated this concept during all the many years of his collaboration with various institutes for veterinary medicine.

For this reason, we are making available 16 preparations of our Biomolecular vitOrgan therapy, specifically for veterinary medicine purposes. More and more pet owners are looking for natural therapies for their furry friends that extend beyond the reach of orthodox medicine – in this case, Biomolecular vitOrgan Therapy allows us to intervene in a helpful manner. Due to their excellent tolerability and efficacy, especially in the long term, such products are the ideal choice for treating acute, as well as chronic and degenerative diseases. Furthermore, this therapy is compatible with all other treatment methods.

The product palette of the vitOrgan group of medications includes 16 different biomolecular organ-homoeopathic medicines for the veterinary sector, in a D4 with 7.5 x 10 high minus 6 gr/ml active substance for injection.

Arthrose und Rückenbeschwerden bei Ihrem Hund

Therapie von Juckreiz und Hautekzemen beim Hund