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ALLERGOSTOP®– an homoeopathic, autologous blood product for the treatment of anaphylactic allergic reactions and autoimmune diseases.

ALLERGOSTOP® therapy: simple, safe and well-tolerated!

Preparing the ALLERGOSTOP® KIT yourself: no problem!

Pathogenic antibodies from blood are modified by adding a special serum activator. The now modified antibodies become an antigen themselves and induce an immune response after reinjection. Anti-antibodies form against the present antibodies. They reduce formation of disease-specific antibodies, having often a durable effect. Blood collection, injection-ready serial dilution and reinjection is done by your therapist, at and during the acute stage of a disease.




Therein, as a therapist you will find all necessary constituents needed for preparing it yourself and, also, very detailed preparation instructions as well as treatment recommendations. 

It is directly available from the vitOrgan online shop (special rules apply for veterinarians) or at your pharmacy .

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