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Our medications
- bridging traditional medicine and natural healing practice

"Awakening the power of the cells" - under this motto, vitOrgan manufactures biomolecular homoeopathic medications for humans and animals, high-grade nutritional supplements and cosmetics - already since 1954.

Unique organ extracts

The unique organ extracts of our biomolecular vitOrgan therapy form the core of our business. To this gamut belongs a total of 100 organ-homoeopathic medications, regulating and normalizing diseased organs and cellular defects at the physiological level, by individual administration of biomolecules derived from the corresponding healthy cells. By means of these induction stimuli, the cell gets "retuned" and is again able to use its maximal synthetic ability to the full. Self-healing mechanisms are activated and patients are, thus, not only symptomatically treated, but the cause of the disease is also treated.

Awaken the power of the cells!

Complementary product lines

Building on the biomolecular vitOrgan therapy,we have, in the meantime, developed an entire portfolio of products in our business group. Here belongs particularly ALLERGOSTOP® – a unique treatment modality developed by Prof. Karl Eugen Theurer, MD, for the treatment of allergies and autoimmune diseases. Whereas our subsidiary company Regena Ney is completely dedicated to nutritional supplements, as well as natural dental and skin care products, Innovapharm is ofering unique combinations of Bach flowers with specially prepared organ extracts.

Current dates

Here you will find the current dates about vitOrgan at a glance. Among them, there are many offers at no cost, allowing us to familiarize you with the diversity of the unique biomolecular vitOrgan therapy. Get practically relevant experience by means of case examples, in order to be able to individually treat your patient, according to the principle "regulating rather than blocking". Whether online by means of a webinar or by personal contact, in a workshop or during practice training: Please use the diverse offers of our vitOrgan Academy! Date search

Online-Seminar: ALLERGOSTOP® bei Allergien 02.12.2020
Free of charge
Workshop: Online-Intensiv II 12.12.2020
Halbtages-Schulung für Fortgeschrittene - Achtung: Anmeldeschluss 11.12.2020 um 13.00 Uhr!
39,00 € brutto
Weihnachts-Spezial: Fachfortbildung für Therapeuten 19.12.2020 - online
Besondere Zeiten erfordern ungewohnte Maßnahmen: Aus gegebenem Anlass bieten wir unsere beliebten Fachfortbildungen jetzt online an. Mit neuen Themen und besonderen Angeboten! - Anmeldeschluss Freitag, 18.12.2020 um 13.00 Uhr
25,00 € brutto

Top subject


The number of people with allergies has more than doubled over the past thirty years and keeps steadily increasing. Allergy, affecting all age groups, has become a "popular disease", along with rheumatic diseases and diseases of the circulatory system.


New NeyVit® series of products

With the new NeyVit® series of products, the possibility is again present to complete, sensibly and long-term, the regulatory treatment by means of a biomolecular vitOrgan therapy with NeyVit® No 29 Thymus and NeyVit® No 66 CellPower products.