Products overview

The organ-homoeopathic preparations offered by vitOrgan are using natural, regulatory and metabolically active organic substances, in order to bring back to normal processes that have gone off balance, in a physiological manner. Following the principle "heart heals heart, kidney heals kidney, organ heals organ", this is about waking up the strength of weakened cells by targeted regulation.
Our extensive portfolio offers you high-quality, registered medicinal products for the holistic treatment of complaints from A for allergies to Z for cirrhosis. The range is complemented by natural cosmetics, nutritional supplements, hair restorer and Bach flower organ complexes from our subsidiaries Regena Ney® and Innovapharm®.

"The principle of our organotherapy: awaken the strength of the cells, because the cell is the source of our health."

Prof. med. Karl Eugen Theurer, MD

The focus of our offer is comprised of multiple biomolecular medications for the vitOrgan therapy, whose core is formed by the injectable preparations for humans and animals. In addition, the CONISAN N® eye drops and the ALLERGOSTOP®-KIT came from the vitOrgan home. The offer is made complete with cosmetic agents and nutritional supplements, as well as Bach flower organ complexes, by our subsidiary companies.


Whether hay fever of house mite dust allergy: Many allergies and even autoimmune diseases may be treated with the ALLERGOSTOP®-KIT


For dry and irritated eyes we recommend CONISAN N®. It works in an inflammation-inhibiting manner, supporting cell regeneration of the aggravated eye.


Complete the regulatory treatment provided by the biomolecular vitOrgan therapy with the help of the new preparations NeyVit® Nr. 29 Thymus and NeyVit® Nr. 66 CellPower

Regena Ney - Action that can be felt and seen!®

From Regena Ney you can obtain nutritional supplements, medical dental care, medical ointments as well as cosmetics with natural active ingredients. The repair mechanisms can become activated in a natural way, by means of the specially prepared and unique biomolecular cell extracts by Regena Ney Natural Active Ingredients Care.

NeyHair® Vital-Haarwasser

Das Besondere an NeyHair® Vital-Haarwasser: Es enthält den vitOrgan-Komplex H, der direkt im Haarwurzelbereich wirkt. Die natürliche Lebensdauer der Haarfollikel kann verlängert werden. Gleichzeitig vitalisieren hochwertige Pflanzenextrakte und B-Vitamine die Haarwurzeln. Weitere Informationen

Preparations for nutritional supplementation 

True beauty comes from within, but everybody would like to show significant attractiveness outwardly. This is best achieved with biomolecular factors and nutrients, promoting cell regeneration.

Medical dental care system 

The natural NEYDENT dental care system has been developed by means of the patented vitOrgan procedure, aiming at long-life preservation of your teeth and precious gums.

Medical creams and ointments

The Neydin M and F ointments are fat-containing, water-in-oil emulsions with a higher oleaginous component and organ extracts, providing particular skin protections.

Cosmetics with natural active ingredients

Apart from selected natural active ingredients, all NeySkin products contain specially prepared, repair-stimulating cell extracts.

Innovapharm - Balance of body and soul

Our subsidiary company, Innovapharm Medication Sales, offers the ideal complement to the vitOrgan therapy with biomolecular organ substances, by making its Bach flowers organ complex series available. This has given the occasion to Innovapharm to combine Bach flower essences with organ extracts.


Fear of injections…?! ...this cannot be:

Spray device

Spray nozzle for the Bach flowers organ complex series and the NeyParadent mouth drops

vitOrgan Injektionspräparate

In unserem Sortiment halten wir knapp 100 biomolekulare Arzneimittel zur Injektionstherapie für Sie bereit.