Library and Media Library

Knowledge is power! We are making a wide spectrum of media modalities available to you, so that you may better understand and apply the biomolecular vitOrgan therapy and other vitOrgan products. From historical books to modern-day flyers, from text to video, for both experts and end consumers, for introduction or immersion purposes. Use this offer for the benefit of healing and health - your own and those of your patients.

Audiovisual experience - the vitOrgan Media Library

It is good to read scientific publications. Nowadays, a bit more may be easily available: Therefore, our media library is offering many educational short films and interesting contributions.

Film interviews
 end consumers 

Would you like to hear, directly from Dr. Karl Gerog Theurer, MD and other experts, what they have to say about biomolecular vitOrgan therapy, Bach flower medications or the specialist agents CONISAN N® and ALLERGOSTOP®? We have these and other film interviews ready for you. Simply make a click, lean back, relax and hear what our experts have to report.

Explanatory videos
for experts 

Whether you are a physician, a veterinarian, a healing practitioner or a pharmacist, in order to make easier your getting started in the treatment with our products, such as the ALLERGOSTOP®-KIT, we have prepared for you informative and entertaining explanatory videos. Therein, we are showing you how, for instance, as a physician, you can yourself prepare the ALLERGOSTOP® autologous blood preparation.

Historical publications - the vitOrgan Library

Natural healing practice is based on experience and tradition. This also applies to the biomolecular vitOrgan therapy. Unfortunately, many relevant publications that make understanding of this brilliant therapy easier have, in the meantime, been exhausted. We want to gather, bit by bit, historically important specialist publications by means of an electronic facsimile process, so that this treasure of knowledge does not pass into oblivion.

Specialist books 

Here you will find specialist publications by Prof. Karl E. Theurer, MD and other experts, in the German and English languages, which will make your understanding of the biomolecular vitOrgan therapy easier. Whether this relates to natural biomodulators or organ and immune therapies: We are making available to you for gratis download the most important publications, often exhausted long ago.

Historical special prints    

Over the course of the years, innumerable specialist articles have appeared, interesting for therapists as never before. Since, in the meantime, many of these special prints have been exhausted, we have gathered them specifically for you in digital form, thus being available in PDF form for you to download. Use our offer, sorted by area subject, from Allergostop to cytoplasmic therapy and increase your expert knowledge in a targeted manner!

Application examples for experts

We make available a series of case examples to physicians, veterinarians, healing practitioners and animal healing practitioners, so that our knowledge does not remain just a grey theory. Take advantage of other people’s experience and use this offer for your own practice, also!

Publications in public journals  

We are making available to you a series of publications, so that you may take advantage of our knowledge. Take advantage of other people’s experience and use this offer for your own practice, also!

of specialist articles 

Read our specialist articles and take advantage of the multifaceted treatment possibilities with our vitOrgan therapy.