Protected at an instant -

with CONISAN N® eye drops, a product from vitOrgan research

The solution for dry and irritated eyes

Tired, irritated, tearful eyes: In Germany, there are millions of people suffering from dry or irritated eyes. CONISAN N® eye drops (from the pharmacy, no prescription needed) provide fast relief, with the specific vitOrgan Komplex AT: It immediately forms a protective film coating, providing durable eye moisturization.

The eyes are the mirror of the soul and the gate to the world. They show us an exact picture of the surroundings, colourful and sharp - if they are healthy. Our quality of life is decisively dependent upon good eyes: We receive 90 percent of all impressions and information by means of this, most important, sensory organ. To that effect, our eyes are continuously in action during the day and, often, they must get strained. Furthermore, external stresses also occur, to which the eye is frequently exposed.

CONISAN N® Augentropfen eignen sich

CONISAN N® eye drops is a preparation, suitable

  • for sensitive eyes
  • at any age
  • for people wearing contact lenses (hard and soft)
  • also for long-term use
  • to prevent dryness and irritation in case of severe aggravation (screen work, allergy)
  • for the road

Augenblicklich geschützt, mit Conisan N®!

CONISAN N® eye drops - protection and moisture for the eye.


  • inhibits the inflammation
  • moistens and protects - immediately, naturally, with lasting effect
  • well tolerated, appropriate for contact lenses
  • without preservatives
  • naturally organic active ingredient
  • with vitOrgan® Komplex AT

CONISAN N® eye drops 

Dr. rer. nat. Eckhard Neddermann, giving an interview to the health magazine of apotal tv, regarding the subject of dry, irritated and inflamed eyes.


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CONISAN N® is directly available at your pharmacy.

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