The company

The vitOrgan pharmaceutical group is a medium-sized, family-run enterprise from Stuttgart. It was founded by physician and scientist Dr. med. Karl Eugen Theurer in 1954. Karl Eugen Theurer was always ahead of his time – an ambitious pioneer inspired by an inquiring mind and heart, putting his ideas into practice with unshakable courage and conviction. His will and spirit have left their mark on the company until today. Biomolecular vitOrgan Therapy (BvT) makes use of natural regulatory and metabolically active cell substances which serve to stabilise the processes which have become imbalanced by disease. Causal treatment of the patient is enabled in such a way.

Our brands 

vitOrgan stands for roughly 100 biomolecular injection preparations. Our subsidiary company Innovapharm offers its Bach flower organic complex series, and Regena Ney offers natural care products and nutritional supplements.

Our quality standards 

Our medicines and nutritional supplements, cosmetics, and Bach flower organic complexes are produced in accordance with the highest quality standards of medicinal manufacturing, based on "good manufacturing practice" (GMP).


Biomolecular vitOrgan treatments (BvT) focus on naturally supporting and activating the body's own healing power through molecular cell substances that regulate metabolism. We are guided by the motto: "Awaken the power of the cells!"

vitOrgan today 

Since its founding, vitOrgan has been far ahead of its time thanks to its pioneering spirit around regulation and regeneration. That spirit of discovery and a combination of conventional medicine and naturopathy still shape the company.


Are you interested in working in a family-run pharmaceutical company?


Bound by tradition! vitOrgan was founded by physician and visionary Dr. Karl Eugen Theurer and homeopathy specialist Dr. med. Irene Regena Theurer in 1954, and remains an independent family company even today.

The management 

Experience, knowledge, and energy.

Our partners 

The company offers German quality in accordance with GMP and is focused on Germany. It exports our unique products from there to locations all over the world.