Our quality standards

Our pharmaceuticals, as well as our nutritional supplements, cosmetics, and Bach flower organ complexes are produced in Germany according to the highest quality standards of pharmaceutical production. They are subject to the principles of "Good Manufacturing Practice" = GMP

The vitOrgan pharmaceuticals group is a GMP certified operation ensuring continuously high and even quality and product safety. All initial materials, including those used in our nutritional supplements, cosmetics, and Bach flower organ complexes, are also subject to testing. Raw materials are approved to meet the high standard of quality for vitOrgan pharmaceuticals.

Quality standard for natural active ingredient cosmetics series with cell extracts

In their quest for the best skin care, the vitOrgan research team integrated an optimal concentration of highly effective and certified ingredients into each product in the Regena Ney skin care series.

We only use pure and certified natural active ingredients and highly modern production processes to manufacture our natural cosmetics. These protect both our products and the environment as well. Our creams are based on an oil-in-water emulsion. This is based on plant-derived raw materials, is very easy on skin, and has a skin-neutral pH value.

100 % natural skin care, for totally specific skin needs

Our quality guarantee

  • 100 % certified high-quality plant / cell ingredients
  • 100 % free from silicones, parrafin, microplastic beads, and mineral oil
  • 100 % free from parabens
  • 100 % free from synthetic scents and dyes
  • 100 % produced and developed in Germany, produced in a sustainable and environmentally-friendly manner