Our workshops are construed so as to show you the practical use of our therapies. We are offering you injection, infusion and emergency case seminars, as well as biolifting and ALLERGOSTOP® workshops.

For all our vitOrgan workshops, you will be getting 6 professional training credits from the Association Of German Healing Practitioners.


Allergostop® workshops

In this workshop we demonstrate all the steps in the preparation of Allergostop®, from blood draw to the first injection. You can comprehend all steps yourself and, also, perform them under expert guidance. The workshop duration is approx. 3 hours, break included. All participants will receive an acknowledged participation certificate.
We are offering beginner and advanced courses.

Current dates of our Allergostop® workshops you will find at Event search.

Further information regarding biolifting therapy and biolifting training

Intensive seminars

For all biomolecular vitOrgan therapy beginners, for reactivation and immersion with current themes.
The goal of our intensive training is to explain to you, within a day, the basics and the application of our therapy in a way that you are able to start treating patients immediately, after our training session. And with our therapy you can have even better success on your patients.
For physicians, veterinarians, healing practitioners and animal healing practitioners.