N drops

When something is on our mind or something is getting to us, we may be completely deprived of our night sleep. Since the night is the time of rest and regeneration. The heart slows down its beating, blood pressure drops and the perfusion of the kidneys is decreased. Heart and kidneys form a harmonious cycle: The heart takes care of the perfusion of the kidney, the kidney cleans the blood and regulates blood pressure.

N drops - Bach flower complex with biomolecular organ extracts

Organ extracts: Heart, aorta and kidneys


1 AgrimonyThe flower of the grateful diversion
11 ElmThe flower of internal calmness
18 ImpatiensThe flower of time
25 Red ChestnutThe flower of let-go
35 White ChestnutThe flower of tranquil thinking

Our N drops carry the blue colour of calmness, the depth and the night.

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