The number of sufferers is increasing. Today, up to 30 percent of preschool age children and three percent of adults suffer from Neurodermatitis. In addition, the disease is observed to be beginning later on in life, after 60 years of age. Children, especially, suffer from eczema. Among young patients, agonizing itches can often cause restlessness and disrupt sleep. They also have a difficult time suppressing their impulse to scratch. This results in repeated acute phases of burning and pain, sleepless nights, crying and tears - and distraught parents. For adults, in addition to itching aesthetic issues are another big problem. The face, neck, throat, insides of the arms, and hands are frequently affected skin areas.

Allergen triggers

Neurodermitis is based on a complex disease process. Patients’ tendency towards dry skin can be inherited, frequently causing them to react to irritation and inflammation with sensitivity. Typically, eczema is triggered by specific factors, although these can differ widely from person to person. Allergies play a key role: Many Neurodermitis sufferers have a high concentration of IgE antibodies in their blood. These immune system antibodies specifically fight environmental allergens like household dust mites, pollen, foods, and cat hair.

The homeopathic alternative: Counter-sensitisation with ALLERGOSTOP®.

Homeopathic treatment acts initially on the triggers behind Neurodermitis. The therapy concept behind ALLERGOSTOP® works to adapt the patient's immune system so that it no longer reacts to individual allergens. It does so using counter-sensitization: While suffering from eczema, the physician or alternative practitioner takes the patient's blood - the quantity of IgE antibodies in the blood is especially high at this time. The therapist prepares the blood with a specialised serum activator so that the IgE antibodies are distorted.

ALLERGOSTOP® acts as a kind of vaccine produced by the body itself, and is injected into the patient over multiple appointments.
The treatment lasts four to eight weeks. Thanks to its good tolerability, ALLERGOSTOP® can even be used on children. Anyone interested in homeopathic treatments can find their closest ALLERGOSTOP® treatment provider at