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Neyparadent Liposome Oral Drops

Biological help for the gums

NeyParadent® Liposome Oral Drops provide you with a means to strengthen the oral mucosa in a natural way. 

Accurate and beneficial

Liposomes (tiny drops of fat) transport the active components of NeyParadent® to exactly where they need to act. This process, called "organ tropism", noticeably intensifies the therapeutic effect.

The effective antibacterial formulation of NeyParadent® includes choice ingredients from chamomile, arnica and myrrh, which are known to have soothing properties.


  • Antibacterial, effectively preventing gingivitis
  • Promoting healthy oral flora
  • Fighting plaque bacteria
  • The ideal addition to the daily dental cleaning

Versatile but also completely simple in its application

NeyParadent® can be applied on the affected areas, undiluted, with a Q-tip, used in diluted form as a mouth wash or sprayed directly inside the mouth cavity with our spray device. It can also be added to an oral douche. 

  • The NeyParadent® Liposome Oral Drops are ideal for oral care, in the meantine and while on the road.
  • The NeyParadent® Liposome Oral Drops ensure fresh breath without any calories

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