Dental health

Beautiful teeth are like a calling card. A bright smile looks friendly and inviting to everyone you meet.
However, healthy teeth need a strong foundation – healthy gums!
Unfortunately, approx. 80 percent of all adults in Germany suffer from Parodontitis, a type of gum inflammation caused by bacteria which is frequently accompanied by bleeding at the gums. If sufferers ignore this warning sign, the inflammation can spread and become chronic. Gums will recede, exposing the neck of the tooth until teeth begin to come loose and finally fall out.
Regular gum care helps you keep your teeth and gums healthy.
This starts with removing from the spaces between your teeth after you eat. Clean your teeth thoroughly with a suitable toothpaste, then use mouthwash.
It is a good idea to have your teeth and gums checked by a dentist twice a year.
With that kind of care, Parodontitis doesn't stand a chance.

The Neydent® dental care system was developed in vitOrgan pharmaceutical group research laboratories based on patented processes for providing long-term care to teeth and gums. It consists of two components:

Neydent® – biological regenerative toothpaste

Neydent® – biological toothpaste contains a combination of natural regeneration and protective materials, produced according to a patented process. The outstanding effects of Neydent® – biological toothpaste are achieved through a combination of 10 substance categories:

• Neydent® – biological toothpaste contains repair-stimulating factors (RSF) and natural inhibitors against infection-causing agents that can result in inflammation and cavities
• Yeast extract with B vitamins
• Vitamin C
• Niacin improves circulation
• Additional Ratanhia and St. John's Wort oil firms up gums and prevents bleeding and vesicles
• Surface-active ingredients improve the penetration and cleaning power of the active ingredients
• Silica prevents connective tissues from shrinking and activates cells to improve performance
• Fluoride hardens enamel, offers effective cavity protection, and protects against demineralisation of tooth substance caused by acids
• Cleaning agents clean and protect
• Sea salt delivers trace elements

NeyParadent® Liposome Oral Drops

NeyParadent®-Liposome oral drops contain standardised biomolecular regulation factors for
oral mucosa and gums (repair-stimulating factors = RSF). They are incorporated into fine droplets of fat (liposomes):
• Regulation factors have a regenerative effect
• Liposomes are emulsified in a mixture of extracts including arnica, chamomile, and myrrh
• NeyParadent®-Liposome oral drops contain saltwater with essential trace elements
• NeyParadent®-Liposome oral drops are an ideal dental care option for on the go
• NeyParadent®-Liposome oral drops provide fresh breath without all the calories