When eyes are dry (conjunctivitis sicca), the cornea and conjunctiva are no longer covered sufficiently with tear fluid. This can have many causes, such as working on the computer (reduced blinking, resulting in reduced wetting), dry air from a heating system, smoke, and dust, wind, air conditioning systems, the effects of menopause, etc.
Dry eyes can cause a wide range of problems. Some of the most frequent include:

  • Corneal inflammation with severe redness
  • A feeling of having something in your eye
  • Runny eyes
  • Burning or pricking feeling
  • Itching
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Excessive sensitivity to drafts and smoke
  • Inability to wear contacts, and much more

CONISAN N® eye drops offer momentary protection and relief. It contains the unique vitOrgan complex AT. Thanks to its specialised and innovative recipe, CONISAN N® eye drops form a protective film very quickly. Cornea and conjunctiva receive long-term moisture, and the tear film is stabilised. With its cell-protecting function, CONISAN N® eye drops counteract excessive sensitivity and inflammatory reactions as well as irritation caused by allergies, supporting cell regeneration.
The active ingredients in CONISAN N® eye drops have been clinically tested. They stand out for their natural, organic active ingredients and very good tolerance. There are no known side effects. No interactions have been observed with other eye drops or salves.
CONISAN N® eye drops are administered as necessary. There is no danger of habituation, even after long-term use. CONISAN N® is also very tolerable for contact lens wearers. CONISAN N® is free from preservatives, and practical single dose packaging makes CONISAN N® eye drops hygienic and easy to use.
The ideal companion throughout your day for stressed and inflamed eyes.