Almost any substance in the world can act as an allergen. Allergic reactions to substances like pollen, household dust, animal hair and foods are common. These trigger a type I immune response among allergy sufferers, communicated via immunoglobulin E (IgE). The resulting symptoms (sneezing, red eyes, difficulty breathing, skin reactions, gastrointestinal issues, etc.) aren’t far behind. 90% of allergens belong to this immediate type. These trigger an excessive reaction by the immune system to a substance that, in reality, is entirely harmless. In addition to hereditary disposition, allergens can also be triggered by stress, smoking, and external environmental factors.
ALLERGOSTOP® helps with the treatment of exogenous and endogenous allergies, which are triggered through an antigen-antibody reaction.
Dr. med. Theurer developed ALLERGOSTOP®, a homeopathic blood product, based on immunological research on the principle of counter-sensitisation. The patient's own blood is required to produce the medication. Thanks to the use of a specialised serum activator, the disease-specific antibodies in the patient’s blood are distorted before being re-injected in a dilution series. The distortion causes these disease-specific antibodies to trigger a targeted immune answer upon re-injection, since they are now seen as foreign by the body, which begins to fight back. Through this process, anti-antibodies are formed against the pathological antibodies in the blood, allowing the organism to help itself. The goal of ALLERGOSTOP® is to reduce the diseased antibodies responsible for an allergic reaction to such an extent that they can no longer trigger any more allergic symptoms.
The trigger for the allergy does not need to be known for ALLERGOSTOP® to work! This eliminates time-consuming and costly searches for the allergen.

The entire active principle of ALLERGOSTOP® is based on the presence of disease-specific antibodies in the blood. Therefore, it is necessary to take blood to obtain a full picture of the specific disease, since this blood contains high concentrations of antibodies specific to the relevant disease.
Blood should not be taken while the patient is on immunosuppressive drugs, since these suppress the pathological antibodies. Antihistamines, in contrast, are no obstacle as they only suppress symptoms.
Treatment can begin directly after the diluting solutions are created, even during the allergic phase. In many cases, improvements occur after only a short time. Injections are administered 2-3 times per week.
The key advantages over other processes include:

  • Prompt production by the practitioner
  • Allergens may not be known
  • Allergy testing has been deferred
  • Multiple allergies can be treated
  • Treatment can begin even during the allergic phase
  • Long-term effect – often even after the first treatment cycle
  • No age limit
  • Good tolerance

ALLERGOSTOP® may be used at any age. This allows both children and adults to benefit from this promising method.
Patients should not have their blood drawn to produce ALLERGOSTOP® and should not use the preparation while they are suffering from an acute infection, directly after receiving a vaccine, or while taking immunosuppressive drugs.